The company possesses all the equipment and -licenses required to handle all sizes and types of ships (geared and gearless, barges, Ro-Ro, bulk carrier, reefer, etc.), as well as a wide range of cargo. We comply with the specific requirements of each commodity in terms of handling, transport and storage. Istamco always adheres to three main objectives:

• Safety for the teams      • Respect for your goods      • Efficient operations

One of the main assets offered by istamco to its customers is its broad range of owned handling equipment (trucks, cranes, forklift trucks, etc.) which affords great flexibility and efficiency in carrying out handling operations.

Handling - Key figures:
• Onions and potatoes: 120,000 tonnes p.a.
• Iron (rolls, bundles, sheets, etc.): 120,000 tonnes p.a.
• Wood: 60,000 tonnes p.a.
• Basalt: 160,000 tonnes p.a.
• Other: 230,000 tonnes p.a.